Daisy’s Vintage Cornish Camper Van – Ali McNamara

I was immediately drawn to the cover of this book, if a little wary of the very wordy title... It seemed like the perfect easy reading book I need to have on the go at all times...

bookish, wanderlust

Lone Rider – Elspeth Beard

Lone Rider is utterly inspiring, whether you're ready to pack up and make your own way around the world, or if the most adventurous thing you are interested in is heading down to Cornwall for the weekend.


James Clemens’ The Banned and the Banished Series

Clemens' world is one of the most vibrant and rich I have ever come across, with beautifully full cultures, creatures and history, mythology and religion. It wasn't long at all until it was me buying the next copy of the book, leapfrogging dad and devouring each book, I was so absorbed it this wonderful land of magic.